WavePort Floating Boat Lifts

It doesn’t get easier than this: Cruise on, roll off!

The clean sculpted lines of WavePort complement any personal watercraft and enhance the appearance of any dock or pier. WavePort not only looks great, it provides smooth operation and excellent protection for your PWC. WavePort is available in two sizes and three mounting styles to accommodate virtually any PWC. The free-standing and standard WavePort has a capacity of 1800 lbs, measures 59” x 144” and is designed to allow side-by-side placement of two ports in a ten foot slip. The Deluxe WavePort has a capacity of 2400 lbs and measures 72” x 144”, providing an extra 6” on each side for greater ease in walking to and from the dock.

WavePort Lift Design Features

WavePort is an unsinkable floating platform fabricated from foam-filled polyethylene. Durable, corrosion-resistant materials make the WavePort virtually maintenance free. Standard and deluxe models include two specially designed guide rollers for perfect watercraft alignment. All models are equipped with 12″ premium quality, heavy-duty side rollers. Pontoons molded into the outer edges of the underside provide extra buoyancy and stability. Bow stop and tie-down ring comes standard on all three models.
Underside with stabilizing pontoons

Underside with stabilizing pontoons

Bow stop tie-down ring

Bow stop tie-down ring

WavePort Lift Options

Hinge or Hoop Mount Kits

The hinge mount allows a WavePort to be attached directly to a dock/pier with bolts or lag screws. The hoop kit includes brackets for use with 2-1/2″ or 5-3/4″ metal pilings. This method can be used in combination with a dock or for stand-alone installations.

Stand Alone Inserts

This optional insert allows you to change the standard 5-3/4″ internal diameter molded hoops to a 2-1/2″ internal diameter hole. When inserted you can use smaller pipe for the extra support you need.

Stand Alone Plugs

Optional plug to cover unused mounting holes.