Standard Cantilever Lifts

A simple and reliable boat lift solution

The original Hewitt Cantilever lift is our most popular model. These rugged general purpose lifts have a built-in mechanical advantage that makes operation easier as the boat is raised. Cantilever lifts also have a long history of trouble-free performance as they require fewer moving parts. The result is superior reliability, with less stress on pulleys and cables. In the lift’s fully raised position, the cables carry no weight; the load is entirely supported by the frame. Corrosion resistant aluminum construction also assures low maintenance: no need for periodic painting.

Standard Model

Standard cantilever lifts include self-adjusting cradles and keel protectors, manual winch and rubber end caps. Deluxe rubber cradles and keel protectors are available as options. Capacities range from 1200 lb to 4800 lb; standard cradles are found on lifts ranging from 1200 lb to 1800 lb. Lifts 2400 lb and larger come standard with full-length bunks.

Wide ‘N’ Long Model

These cantilever lifts are solidly built and heavily reinforced for today’s extra wide, extra long craft. They are also an ideal lift for larger pontoon boats with interior frame dimensions up to 120”. Photo above shown is with standard full-length bunks.

Pontoon Rack Kits

Kits can be installed in place of the standard boat cradles. Options include wood and adjustable aluminum rack kits that lift under the pontoon’s deck and serve as positioning guides.

Pontoon Beds

Cantilever lifts can also be configured with an aluminum pontoon bed (shown above) or full-length “V” style vinyl or carpeted wood beds that evenly distribute the pontoon’s weight and provide full-length protection.

Cantilever Features: Quality and Durability You Can See!


Heavy-Duty All-Aluminum Construction

Hewitt takes no shortcuts. Some lift makers use nothing more than a bolt for critical pivot joints. Hewitt lifts are designed with double-reinforced pivots that are made with structural aluminum tubing and welded, through-hole construction – superior strength for superior reliability.

Extra Reinforcing

It is not unusual for poorly built lifts to sway or even break when subjected to frequent use. Hewitt lifts are built for the real world. Crossbars are reinforced on the top and bottom with extra large gussets that are welded on both sides for greater lateral stability and overall strength.

Pulley Boxes

While lesser brands may simply bolt pulleys to the frame, Hewitt lifts have specially designed enclosures. Pulley assemblies are mounted in reinforced plate aluminum boxes that are welded directly to the frame. Cantilever lifts also use fewer pulleys and all parts are easily accessible for reduced maintenance.