Pontoon Boat Lifts

A lift solution specifically for pontoon boats

Hewitt’s narrow pontoon lifts easily raise and lower even the longest pontoon boats. Full-length beams are positioned between the pontoons, not beneath them. This design evenly distributes weight to the boat’s deck, eliminating any risk of damage to the pontoons. Narrow pontoon lifts are available in four standard sizes: 2,000 lb – 20’ length, 2,400 lb – 24’ length, 3,000 lb – 28’ length and 4,000 lb – 28’ length. These lifts are built to the same high standards of durability that are a trademark of all Hewitt lifts.

Pontoon Boat Lift Features

Quality Construction

Frames are all-aluminum for corrosion resistance and low maintenance. The lifting mechanism features acetal Delrin plastic pulleys and stainless steel cable. Pulleys and cable are completely free of the water in the lifts’ “up” position. When fully raised, the weight of the boat is carried entirely on the frame, not on the cables. This eliminates unnecessary stress which further extends cable life.


A manual 12:1 self-braking winch with 40″ wheel and spinner knob is standard on the Model 2000. Larger models include a Hewitt high-efficiency winch with fully enclosed chain drive and gear ratios of 15:1 or 20:1.

Optional Offset Winch Arm

Offers additional flexibility and convenience for existing dock configurations. Allows the winch to be operated from the side rather than from the front.