Boat Lift Canopies

Fully protect your boats from Mother Nature

Constant exposure to sun, wind and driving rain can ruin your watercraft from the inside out. Cracking, fading and peeling not only takes away from the look, comfort and function of your boat, it reduces the value of your investment. Hewitt’s custom-designed aluminum framed canopies are the perfect way to “top-off” the safety provided by your Hewitt Lift. Available in a variety of great colors, our nylon reinforced vinyl canopies provide years of beautiful maintenance-free protection. They’re built in many sizes and can be designed for other applications as well, including carports, boat slip covers and rail system covers. If you have a special canopy need just contact us.

Canopy Roof Styles

Standard Canopy

Canopy frame with crossbows positioned every two feet. Canopy is solidly mounted on telescoping legs with 3″ x 3″ side support tubes.

Tower Canopy

The arched canopy provides greater vertical clearance, allowing boat towers to remain in the upright position for storage.

Peak Roof Canopy

The steep pitch of a Peak Roof Canopy rapidly sheds water. Its higher profile and clean lines accentuate the color of your canopy.

Canopy Frames

Free-standing Canopy

Canopy frames are typically attached directly to a lift, but can stand independently for use with pontoon boats equipped with legs. Secure anchoring is achieved with the addition of 5′ posts and augers.

Rail System & Narrow Pontoon Canopy

This simplified canopy frame is designed specifically for attachment to Hewitt narrow pontoon lifts or Roll-A-Rail.

Canopy Features

Tension Cords

Tension cords keep canopy covering taut and simplify installation and removal.

Canopy Bracing

Recommended for canopies 29′ in length or longer.

Canopy Support Straps

The strap provides extra support along the top of the canopy. Hewitt is one of only a few manufacturers offering quick release center straps to keep the canopy cover from billowing in the wind.

Reinforced Corners

Hewitt takes extra steps to ensure your investment lasts longer – steps that others miss. Critical reinforcing is added at the corners where greater stress and wear occurs. All top and middle seams are heat welded to prevent thread rot and water infiltration.

Canopy Materials and Colors

Vinyl Material

Our 16 oz nylon with 9 x 9 reinforced vinyl canopies are durable, waterproof and UV resistant to prevent premature fading. Randomly textured finish in 7 popular colors.

Sea Mark Fabric

This 16 oz marine fabric is made from combining Sunbrella fabric with a textured marine grade vinyl. SeaMark is waterproof and has a fluorocarbon finish for UV, water, mildew and fade resistance. Choose from 7 popular colors. Other colors are also available through special order.

Optional Sunbrella Fabric

Hewitt Canopies may be ordered with Sunbrella fabric. Sunbrella is the best marine fabric in the world. It is a premium, woven material that will not trap heat and moisture. Sunbrella, available through special order, also offers an almost unlimited selection of colors, making it possible to perfectly match or accent the colors of your boat. Visit the Sunbrella website to view the possibilities.