Dock Decking

DockStop offers attractive and functional dock decking options

Decking is the most visible part of a finished dock installation. Hewitt docks offer six different styles, each with their own unique appearance and performance characteristics. Contact us anytime for more information about which decking materials are best suited for your application and climate conditions.

Dock Decking Options

QT Powder Coated All-Aluminum

Extruded aluminum decking that offers superior strength, low weight and corrosion resistance. Incorporates sound deadening material and a baked on beige or white finish for a durable nonskid surface.


A traditional favorite. Solid, durable wood that is naturally weather resistant. 5/4″ radius smooth planks provide good footing, wet or dry.


A waffle-weave textured panel with a heavy-duty phenolic overlay. Skidguard provides a continuous, no-gap surface that is highly resistant to peeling or chipping. It offers excellent traction when wet. (Note: only available on 2′ – 4′, and 8′ wide docks.)


Vinyl decking is weather-resistant and ideally suited for docks and outdoor exposure to weather. Durable and slip resistent.


A reinforced polypropylene finished decking system designed for easy assembly that requires no maintenance. Its strong, durable lightweight design makes for a perfect finish on our docks. ThruFlow allows water and debris to fall through your dock surface.

Interlocking Aluminum NEW!

This option is well suited for custom-made docks, dock additions, platforms and ramps. Its interlocking design allows quick assembly and prevents the passage of water, making it ideal for second level observation decks and patios. The system has three basic parts: a starter section with mounting flange, tip-in center sections which can be added in any number to create the desired width, and an end section with mounting flange. Decking can be cut to length and capped off with aluminum channel. Deck sections are made from low weight, high strength extruded aluminum with a baked-on skid resistant finish, available in white or beige.