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    An innovative pontoon lift that travels with your boat!
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    Canopies for all major competitors and custom applications!
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    Dock solutions for all types of environments - beach, rock, deep and shallow water, multi-slip marinas
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    Lifts, Docks, Canopies & More!
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    Unique Lift Solutions
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    Boating and Recreation Accessories

Welcome to DockStop: Alberta’s premier provider of Boat Docks, Lifts and Marinas

NEW PRODUCT ANNOUNCEMENT: Dockstop is pleased to announce that we are now an authorized reseller for Boatlift Helper. For more information visit the Boatlift Helper website at Boatlift Helper.

Welcome to DockStop.ca! We are confident you will quickly learn why we are your best choice for all of your boat dock, lift, accessory and marina needs. And when we say all, we mean ALL.

From the initial consultation, to design, supply, installation and maintenance, there is not a single aspect we do not have covered. Whether you require a single slip dock or lift, or a fully serviced marina with hundreds of slips, DockStop has a solution for you. And because we are the premier Hewitt dealer in Alberta, you are also getting almost 40 years of Hewitt’s expertise and refinement in the marine industry.

We’ve got you covered all over Alberta: from Calgary to Edmonton, from Grande Prairie to Cold Lake. We don’t just sell you boat docks or boat lifts, we give you a complete lakeside solution for all of your marina needs.